Will is working out the details for a tour of Japan in 2017.

We'll post details here as they develop.


Windham Hill Winter Solstice Concerts December 2016

Last December I had the great pleasure of performing as part of a Windham Hill concert. It felt pretty amazing to be again part of something I began 40 years ago!

My cousin Alex de Grassi and pianist, violinist and vocalist Barbara Higbie were the other Windham Hill artists who performed with me and it was wonderful and magical and we all enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to tour again in December of 2016.

In addition to these Windham Hill artists, Todd Boston whose CD TOUCHED BY THE SUN Tom Eaton and I produced a few years ago, will be playing duets with me and doing a few of his own brilliant pieces. We’ll be playing in Washington, Oregon and California.

I hope to see you at one of these shows !

All the best from Windham County, Vermont,


Windham Hill Winter Solstice Concerts December 2016
With Will Ackerman, Barbara Higbie and Alex DeGrassi with guests, Todd Boston and Ellen Sanders


Fri Dec 9, 2016, 7:30 pm  Kent, WA (Southern Seattle)
Kent-Meridian Performing Arts Center
10020SE 256th St Kent, WA 98030
tickets :
Sat Dec 10, 2016, 8:00 pm, Kirkland, WA  ( Seattle)
Kirkland Performance Center
350 Kirkland Ave. Kirkland, WA
tickets at
Mon. Dec 12, 2016 Portland, Oregon 7:30 pm
Newmark Theater  
Sat. Dec. 17, 2016, 8:00 pm, Carmel by the Sea, CA
Sunset Cultural Center
Mon. Dec. 19, 2016, 8:00 pm. Santa Barbara, CA.
Lobero Theater
33 East Canon Perdido St. Santa Barbara, CA
Wed. Dec 21, 2016, 7:30 pm San Rafael, CA
Marin Center Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Thurs. Dec 22, 2016, 7:30 pm Folsom, CA.
Folsom Lake College, Harris Center.
10 College Parkway, Folsom, CA


Details on all of these concerts at


2015 WINNERS: 


    artist: Jeff Oster


    "Patterns of Sun and Shade"
    artist:  Kathryn Kaye


    artist:  Jeff Oster


Will Ackerman was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 9th Annual ZMR Music Awards convention in May 2013 The award celebrated recent productions by the founder of Windham Hill Records as well as his influence of excellence on the music he touches.

Will also won the 2012 Album of the Year and Best Contemporary Instrumental Album awards for The Gathering, a compilation of music and artists Will recently produced at his studio in Vermont.



Favorite Echoes Artists of last 25 Years

Listeners of John Diliberto's Echoes Radio program voted for their
favorite Echoes Artists of the last 25 years and Will Ackerman is number
16 along with many other Windham Hill musicians.
You can check out the list at



Will recently did an interview with John Olsen.
You can read it at the New Age Music World site.


The Gathering II: A new generation of musicians produced by Will Ackerman, and Tom Eaton.

The Gathering II - cover artThe first Gathering CD was released in 2012 and won the coveted ZMR Album of the Year with the highest ratings of any CD in the history of those charts. With another two years of recordings made at Will’s Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont, Will and Tom have once again chosen 21 musicians who they feel will connect to a large audience.

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The intent of the collection is to showcase the work that Tom and Will do as producers at Imaginary Road and to give a collective identity to the group of artists they choose to produce.

Read reviews, listen to samples and get your copy - as a CD or download the album!

The 2012 ZMR Album of the Year, The Gathering, was produced almost exclusively at Imaginary Road Studios. It also took home the award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.  A new generation of musicians produced by Will Ackerman, the founder of Windham Hill Records. Read reviews, listen to samples and get your copy - as CD or downloadable album.!


Scroll down for a few excepts from recent reviews of The Gathering. Visit CDBaby to purchase.

West River Records

Imaginary Road Studios looks over The West River Valley in Windham County, Vermont, and when I was looking for a label name on which to release The Gathering, the new compilation of my recent productions, I decided that West River Records would be a great name for it. While I don’t plan to expand this to emulate Windham Hill in any way, I hope that I might eventually release another volume of The Gathering and use West River Records to re-release some of my own Windham Hill recordings that are now out of print.

I do hope you’ll give The Gathering a listen as I’m very proud of it.

All my best,
Will Ackerman


Reviews of The Gathering:

A "gathering" of fantastic talent all on one album

If one could perform the aural equivalent of a blind taste test on an astute listener of the compilation CD The Gathering, that person might guess that the album is a "newly discovered" collection of tracks from the archives of the pioneering instrumental label Windham Hill. If that same listener was informed that the tracks were selected and sequenced by none other than Will Ackerman himself (founder of Windham Hill in 1976), that same listener would probably exclaim "See! I told you so." However, that listener would be wrong. These are all tracks from independent artists, each of whom are recording and releasing on their own label. The album's uniting factor is that the estimable (I am tempted to call him "legendary" although that might imply he is either dead or retired) Ackerman produced or co-produced each song.

Bill Binkelman - Zone Music Reporter

A magnificent musical mansion

The depth and breadth of the music on The Gathering is astounding, as is the emotional range it evokes. While the variety of the music is impressive, Ackerman managed to select tracks which present a cohesive musical vision. Nothing here moves too quickly or lingers too long. If you have made the acquaintance of any of the Imaginary Road-recorded works (Todd Boston, Shambhu, Jeff Oster, Masako, Stanton Lanier, Paul Jensen et al), you know that Ackerman employs a group of stellar guest players including such luminaries as cellist Eugene Friesen, violinist Charlie Bisharat, vocalist Noah Wilding, bassist Manring, and English horn player Jill Haley, among many others. “The Gathering” draws to a poetically compelling conclusion with a lovely composition entitled “The Wheel” by none other than the maestro Ackerman himself, accompanied by violin, voice, drums, and bass. Will’s acoustic guitar playing is stunning in its tone, articulation, phrasing, and the way it sets the stage for the cream of the crop of his studio musicians to shine. This is surely one of the best compilations in the 30+ year history of this genre. And the price is right, especially considering the amount of music it contains. Ackerman stated that increased exposure for the artists is more important than profit, and I know you can resonate with that. A new generation of musicians produced by Will Ackerman ... this is dream material, on every level.

by Lloyd Barde, Music Editor, Common Ground Magazine


Master Seven Interview

Will recently was interviewed by Tom Beninate of Master Seven. In a wide-ranging conversation they touch on composing, building, guitars,the current state of the music business, and more.

Read the interview at


A note from Will introducing Tom Eaton, our new engineer

I would like to reach out to our valuable community of Imaginary Road artists to share updates, news and exciting changes at Imaginary Road Studios.

These changes include several things, first a new direction for Corin and second, an opportunity for our artists to meet and work with new Engineer Tom Eaton.

Briefly: Tom is an Engineer and Producer with over 17 years of experience. He is also a musician (pianist), and therefore brings a unique level of knowledge and perspective to the process. Tom loves and grew up listening to Windham Hill and knows the catalogue better than I do.......


Will is available as a record producer
for musicians and record labels.

Founder of Windham Hill Records

Grammy Award Winner

Recipient of multiple Platinum and Gold Records

2012 Album Of The Year

gathering-coverThe Gathering: A New Generation of Artists Produced by Will Ackerman, the Founder of Windham Hill Records
Artist: Various
Label: West River Records

2012 Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

gathering-coverThe Gathering: A New Generation of Artists Produced by Will Ackerman, the Founder of Windham Hill Records
Artist: Various Artists
Label: West River Records

2012 Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

gathering-coverThe Gathering: A New Generation of Artists Produced by Will Ackerman, the Founder of Windham Hill Records
Artist: Various Artists
Label: West River Records

Recipient of multiple ZMR Music Awards in 2010

Best new Artist
Heidi Anne Breyer
Another Place and Time
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Devon Rice and Erin Aas
Best Instrumental Album - Piano
Heidi Anne Breyer
Another Place and Time

Recipient of multiple ZMR Music Awards in 2009

Album of the Year
Fiona Joy Hawkins
Blue Dream
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Fiona Joy Hawkins
Blue Dream
Best Instrumental Album - Piano
Fiona Joy Hawkins
Blue Dream
Best Holiday Album
Stanton Lanier
December Peace

Producer of George Winston and Michael Hedges
among more than 70 artists in his 34 year career.


The Grammy Award Winning CD "Returning"

returning cd cover

RETURNING was an opportunity to capture my career as I hope it will be remembered.

These are new recordings of my favorite pieces spanning 35 years of music writing.


visit Will's studio site:

Imaginary Road Studios

House Concerts

I've been loving the intimacy of the house concerts I've been doing in the last couple of years
and wanted to let people know that if they're looking for a very special evening of music,
I'd love to hear from you.    -- Will

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