Demo Tape / Music Submissions:

My history as the founder and former owner of Windham Hill Records invites a lot of email. I swear I enjoy hearing from absolutely everyone, but I need to define a few realities.

I sold my interest in Windham Hill to BMG in 1992. At this point I am not affiliated with any record label in an Artist and Repertoire capacity (A&R, as it's known, is the division of a record company that scouts and signs new artists to recording contracts).

As such, I simply am not in a position to be of help as a conduit for artists seeking a record contract. Over the years I have actually delighted in being open to hearing music by new artists.

I can remember the how kind and encouraging words positively affected me in the beginning of my career and love to be able to offer that support to others. The internet can be a blessing and a curse. While I love being able to receive email from individuals in Uruguay and Aruba as I did this week, I am also deluged by hundreds of requests by musicians at the same time hoping for me to review their recordings, offer marketing quotes, or explain the music business in a few brilliant paragraphs. I am sorry to say that the volume of such requests has gotten to the point where I need to salvage my own life and time and ask for your understanding in not being able to provide the kind of support my heart would dearly like to be able to. That said, I am available as a producer to those who would like to have my input and direction.


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