Meditations 2008

Will's latest CD, Meditations, is available exclusively through Target Stores. The project is part of Target's Lifescapes series and is displayed only in the special Lifescapes kiosk.

Meditations has just gone to #1 on the NAR Charts!

Grammy Nomination: Best New Age Album

The CD features 7 new pieces of music with 7 previously recorded tracks. Some of the previously recorded pieces have additional parts and orchestrations that have never been heard before.

  1. The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter
  2. Zuzu's Petals
  3. Believing in Miracles
  4. Visiting
  5. Up There Throughout The Skies
  6. Was It This Lifetime
  7. The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit
  8. Pictures
  9. On One Knee
  10. When the Moon Sings
  11. Anne's Song
  12. Hawk Circle
  13. West of Shoshone
  14. Processional