Was it This Lifetime: Pieces for Guitar (1991-2011)

I created Windham Hill Records in 1976 to release my first recording. This compilation includes what I think are my best pieces in the years after Windham Hill.
— Will Ackerman 2019

Returning - William Ackerman

I don’t write music in any academic sense. I’ve learned to shut out rational thought and simply feel. If I get out of the way, the music is given to me.
— Will Ackerman


Passage Pieces for Guitar - William Ackerman

Ackerman released “Passage” right on the heels of George Winston’s “Autumn”, giving the many fans of that album a natural step deeper into Ackerman’s vision of new acoustic music.
— John Dark, Windhaming


Childhood and Memory - William Ackerman

The last of William Ackerman’s ‘70s albums is an accomplished set of reflective solo pieces for acoustic guitar, and further solidified Ackerman’s role as a new age pioneer.
— Jim Esch All Music Guide


In Search of the Turtle’s Navel Released in 1976

The years and all the music that has come since make the fruits of this exploration rather like finding artifacts in an archaeological dig. I am pleased to say that Turtle’s Navel sounds to me now as simple, but also very sincere.
— Will Ackerman Windham County, VT