This is the album that started it all. “The Search for the Turtle’s Navel” is the first William Ackerman album,
the first Windham Hill album.

In 1975, William Ackerman, a Stanford dropout and founder of Windham Hill Builders in
Palo Alto, California collected $5 each from 300 friends to record an album.

They had heard him play live and wanted to have the music to listen to anytime.
— Windhaming by Johnny Dark

The lyrical strains of “The Bricklayer’s Beautiful Daughter”
(the memorable opener on William Ackerman’s second album) confirm that the artist was on to something huge in popular music.

Nobody knew what to call this new breed of gentle instrumental adventurism.
— AllMusic Review by Jim Esch

The last of William Ackerman’s ‘70s albums is an accomplished set of reflective solo pieces for acoustic guitar
— AllMusic Review by Jim Esch

These four pieces are arranged for solo guitar along with four duets, featuring cello, English horn, piano by George Winston and violin by Darol Anger.

Consisting of four new Ackerman compositions and four digitally recorded versions of previously recorded works.
— AllMusic Review

For his fifth album, Ackerman added new instrumental colors to his guitar work.
Especially notable are Michael Manring’s bass
playing and the one-track “Garden,” featuring The Kronos Quartet.
The added instrumentation serves only to accentuate Ackerman’s typically inventive playing.
— AllMusic Review by William Ruhlmann

Will Ackerman continued weaving textures explored three-years before in Past Light, his deft guitar accompanied by side instruments such as bass, lyricon, violin,
English horn, piano, cello, charongo, and zampona.
The all-digital 1980s production is more heavily affected, thinner and more brittle than his early albums, yet despite the dated production, Ackerman moodily evokes a dark, quiet: dare we say ‘lunar’ ambience?
Ackerman’s guitar is content to settle into repetitive minimalist patterns, opening up a spacious canvas for the complementary instruments. Reflective and inquisitive, Conferring With the Moon has an idle, dreamy quality.
The CD adds a couple of tracks that didn’t make it on to the original vinyl release.
— AllMusic Review by Jim Esch

William Ackerman plays guitar and owns his own record label in California…
— Allmusic review

With his eighth Windham Hill album, guitarist William Ackerman charts new musical territory with a record full of diversity, beauty and musical exploration…
— AllMusic Review

Reflecting a body of work spanning eight albums, Will Ackerman’s guitar music has become synonymous with the Windham Hill sound of excellence…
— all music review

With Sound of the Wind Driven Rain, Will Ackerman produced his first record in five years…
— all music review by Rodney Batdorf

For this release, William Ackerman combines the energetic, hypnotic guitar playing that was featured on great albums…
— AllMusic Review - by Stacia Proefrock

Will’s Grammy Winning Album - Fans of the kind of gentle…
— AllMusic Review by Jonathan Widran

Four years following his Grammy-winning album, RETURNING, New Age music guru William Ackerman returns with another collection of spirit-warming ambience…
— AllMusicGuide Review by Mark Morton