By now most of you know of the band FLOW… An amazing quartet with pianist Fiona Joy (F), guitarist Lawrence Blatt (L), horn player Jeff Oster (O) and myself (W).  We’ve just released our second album, called PROMISE.   

Our first album, entitled simply FLOW, did wonderfully with reviewers and we supported it with a short tour with enthusiastic audiences on the West Coast and a sold out show at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Auditorium.  I really love the record.

The new album is an evolution. The music in PROMISE is more truly the work of a quartet… really a synthesis of talents.  One of us will bring an idea into the center, but all of us are truly part of the DNA of each of the pieces and of the album as a whole. 

Please join us for our concert at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Auditorium in New York City on the 27th of September.  

All my best,


Members of FLOW - photo by Liz Linder ( )

Members of FLOW - photo by Liz Linder (